Quantum Scientist (Applied)

You Might be a Great fit for this Position if…

You are a lab quantum physicist

You will be working in the lab with ion traps from day one, but you don’t need to come in as an expert. We are looking for outstanding scientists who are keen to contribute to our mission. We particularly value fields involving coherent control of quantum systems, whatever form it takes (our current team comes from backgrounds including ions, atoms, and quantum dots).

You work on implementing quantum algorithms or simulations

If your research involves doing complex things with quantum systems we’d love to hear from you, whether it’s running algorithms on quantum computers or studying dynamics in quantum simulators.

You research architectures for quantum devices

We’re building hardware that scales. If you’re kept awake at night thinking about the challenges that entails, you’ll find a team here working on the problems you find interesting.

How to Apply and What To Expect

Apply by email to with:


  • Your CV

  • A brief cover letter explaining your background and interest in the role

Initial interview: we’ll have an introductory chat to get to know you on your terms, tell you more about Oxford Ionics and the role and let you ask us any questions you have. We’ll ask you about your background and previous work/research.

We aim to let you know if we will move forward to the main interview within one week of our initial chat.


Main interview: for the main interview, we’ll ask you to give a presentation to our entire team: tell us about an aspect of your research you’re particularly proud of. After the presentation, there will be an interview with a small panel of our scientists. Then you’ll be able to ask any further questions you still have about our culture, our future plans, our upcoming technical challenges, and whatever else comes to your mind.


All our interviews can be conducted over video calls if you are more comfortable with this, otherwise we would love to show you around the facilities at your main interview to give you a feel for what working with us would be like.


We want you to be comfortable and able to show yourself off in the best possible light. If there are any accommodations we can make during the interview process to make things easier for you, please let us know.


At any point, please feel free to email any questions to

We look forward to meeting you!