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5 February 2024

Oxford Ionics wins contract to deliver a quantum computer to the NQCC

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Today we announce that Oxford Ionics has won a £6m contract to supply a quantum computer to the UK’s National Quantum Computing Centre (“NQCC”) in Harwell, Oxfordshire.

The NQCC is the UK's national lab for quantum computing. Its goal is to accelerate the development of the UK’s quantum computing capabilities and infrastructure, to drive innovation and enhance UK capabilities in the sector. 

Oxford Ionics will deliver the system, named “Quartet”, to the NQCC’s Harwell facility where the NQCC team will use it to develop applications with partners across academia, industry and government, and to carry out research and application development to inform their technology roadmap. 

Quartet is a full-stack quantum computer housing one of our record-breaking trapped-ion quantum processor units (“QPUs”) at its heart. Scalability is core to the design of our quantum systems: all of our quantum computers are field-upgradeable to QPUs powerful enough to solve world-changing problems.

All Oxford Ionics devices have complete connectivity between qubits, and use the qubit technology which has the lowest error rates ever demonstrated. Our chips are compatible with existing scalable fabrication (CMOS) techniques thanks to our patented, integrated Electronic Qubit Control (EQC) system and ground-breaking control architecture. We have partnered with Infineon Technologies to fabricate our devices in commercial semiconductor foundries.

This will be the fifth quantum computer built by Oxford Ionics. Our first four systems are located in our HQ in Oxford and available through the cloud to select partners. We are excited to deliver our first on-premise quantum computer and the NQCC is an ideal partner for that.

If your company would make a good fit for our partnership programme, please drop us a line here.

Read the UK Government’s announcement here.

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