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Flawless technology,
limitless possibility


What we do


We are world-leading innovators, creating the unique technologies which will bring Quantum Computing from the theoretical to the indispensable

Founded in 2019 by Dr Chris Ballance and Dr Tom Harty, we harness the inherent perfection of atoms to solve the world's most important problems. We combine the world's highest performance qubits - trapped ions - with a unique noiseless electronic qubit control technology. 

Latest news

Proud to be a WIRED Trailblazer


Proud to be a WIRED Trailblazer

We have been recognised as a game-changer in WIRED's Trailblazers for 2023. A huge achievement for our world-class team pushing the boundaries of quantum technology 🏅

Controlling Qubits at Scale


Controlling Qubits at Scale

In our newest paper we demonstrate a way of controlling qubits that can achieve low gate error rates, parallel qubit control & exclusive use of technologies that scale.

Oxford Ionics wins contract to deliver a quantum computer to the NQCC


Oxford Ionics wins contract to deliver a quantum computer to the NQCC

Today we announce that Oxford Ionics has won a £6m contract to supply a quantum computer to the UK’s National Quantum Computing Centre (“NQCC”) in Harwell, Oxfordshire.


Launching a new age of computing



Our people are the key to our success

Join the team

We are always looking for talented people to join
the Oxford Ionics team.
If you're passionate and great at what you do, we want you. 

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